As architects and individuals we care about the environment.
The impact of sustainable design goes beyond the long term maintenance cost savings.
By designing buildings that are healthy for the environment, we also create buildings that are healthy for the users.

Mindful of the legacy of the built environment to future generations, our buildings look to the future with special consideration given to the conservation of recources. Having incorporated principles of sustainable design for over 20 years, natural daylighting and ventilation, insolation, solar energy, recycled and recycable materials, as well as sustainable site considerations are fundamental to our practice.

CREON HOMES is committed to employing material and energy recources to their maximum end use and efficiency in order to limit the impact of our built work on our environment.
Our homes reflect a consideration of a broad range of sustainable design issues, including awareness of regional design parameters, site selection, building site orientation, exterior wall design, natural daylighting,
inddoor-air quality, solar energy, water reduction and rainwater use, using non-toxic materials and intelligent landscaping.

Alternative energy sources including solar energy for domestic hot water and photovoltaik have been employed by CREON HOMES in the place of petro-chemicals fossil fuels. These alternatives combined with the use of thermal protection glazing, the exploitation of daylight, the responsible use of building insulation in combination with concrete masonry or ICFs-construction systems reduce the carbon footprint of our houses.

All CREON homes illustrate CREONs commitment to sustainable design and to confronting the complex problem of climate change that is so imperative for the world.

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