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Costum Build Homes


Having a home designed especially for your needs is the ultimate form of self expression. Our vision is founded on our knowledge and appreciation of contemporary architecture.

For those who can identify with these principles and want a professional approach to live in their unique dream home we welcome the opportunity to offer you that statement of individuality and style with a custom CREON home.

Founded in 1997 we are celebrating our 20th year of designing and building high quality homes throughout Europe, mainly Germany and Spain. As Arquitects with over 30 years experience and international recognition we helped a lot of people to realize their dream of building a costum home.
Each home is created with the well-being and the personal, professional and communal needs of all its ocupants in mind.

When designing a home, we are not just thinking about a floor plan, we are thinking of a life plan.

Feel free to contact us if you like to know more about CREON HOMES exclusive home models and service.

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