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Who we are

Who we are

CREON HOMES is the collaborative partnership of architects FRIEDRICH SCHWEEN and ANKE SCHWEEN. Both born and raised in Germany. The concept of "German Quality" was always one of our highest demands in our work. On the other hand creativity, lifestyle and a strong focus on enviromentally responsible design and energy conservation form the cornerstone of our business.

We work as architects and developers since 1986 with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Mallorca. The work of our offices is noted for its innovation and has been published and exhibited widley, gaining recognition on an national and international level.

As two remarkable personalities with very different skills and characteristrics but with a great passion for modern architecture in common, we  founded "CREON HOMES" to offer a wide range of hurricane-safe, contemporary homes with an absolutely unique design, high quality construction standards and state of the art technique to the US market.

As equal owners of CREON HOMES we combine the strength of our cultural heritage with our professional expertise as architects and builders to form a foundation of reliability, creativity and passion for everything we do.

CREON HOMES - creative minds from Germany


Building Great Places For The Future

At CREON our goal is to design unique, elegant, contemporary and classic buildings, particular to their unique inhabitants. Each home is created with the well-being and the personal, professional and communal needs of all its ocupants in mind. When designing a home, we are not just thinking about a floor plan, we are thinking of a life plan.

Mindful of the lagacy of the built enviroment to future generations, our buildings look to the future with special concideration given to the conservation of resources.

Having incorporated principles of sustainable design for over 20 years, natural daylightning and ventilation, installes insolation, solar energy, recycled and recycable materials, as well as sustainable site considerations are fundamental to our pratice.

CREON HOMES creates modern living enviroments with the benefits of lower operating costs and increased asset value along with increased health and comfort for the occupants.


Some Of Our Clients

This is a list of our commercial clients for whom we worked in the past.

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