Building with ICFs is hurricane safe

Each year, the US and Canada are afflicted by over 1,000 tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes which cut a swath of devastation causing property damage, injury and death. Wood frame homes are no match for the floods and strong winds associated with severe storms and natural disasters. We believe it is important that home owners are properly educated on the significant advantages of ICF construction.  Rebuilding a home after a natural disaster with traditional wood frame and fiberglass insulation will only produce the same result in the event another natural disaster hits the area.  Why would you put your family and possessions at risk when there is a proven method of building to a higher standard using Insulated Concrete forms .

The damage to property and loss of life necessitates safer building practices. Traditional built, wood frame houses do not provide the structural strength to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes.  Most videos we see of the devastation that the weather systems and natural disasters produce show traditional wood frame homes reduced to sticks and pieces of fiberglass and drywall, ICF homes provide a much superior structure that can withstand tornadoes up to EF5 with speeds of over 250 mph. CREON HOMES ICF homes  are constructed by stacking the  eps blocks together, placing reinforcing steel bars (rebar), bracing the walls to ensure they are plumb and straight, then pouring concrete into the  ICF form, the concrete is internally vibrated and left to cure.  You now have a structurally superior concrete, reinforced wall system that is insulated, and is ready for interior and exterior finishing. Adding a concrete  roof system makes a complete insulated, concrete building envelope. Because the building envelope in an ICF  home can be designed to withstand the highest level hurricane, tornado or earthquake it makes the most sense to build your home or building with the safest construction method possible to protect your belongings, and most importantly your family.

Insulated concrete homes have a proven track record in withstanding the devastating weather conditions produced by hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Across the US and Canada, schools and community centers built with ICFs double as storm shelters.



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