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Eurocraft Manufacturing German Tilt-Turn System in Florida

Formerly a distributor, Eurocraft Industries established a production facility in Largo, Fla., to produce German-designed tilt & turn window and door systems.

Formerly an importer of the Kömmerling Tilt & Turn windows and doors, Eurocraft Industries Inc. has established a manufacturing facility in Largo, Fla., to be the first North American producer of the German system. A distributor of Kömmerling since 1979, the company invested last year in an Urban Machinery production system and began producing domestically the tilt-turn systems for the Florida and coastal impact markets.

“From our experience, we believe that interest in the tilt and turn system will, with lots of educational help, grow because it is a proven system in Europe for almost 50 years,” says Hans Severin, president.
The impact-rated tilt-turn line is geared for both new construction and retrofit applications, and architects opt for the Kömmerling products because they are not tied to standard sizes, Severin says.

The decision to begin local production came as a result of increased shipping costs, long wait times between containers and the rise of the Euro against the dollar, company officials say. “We are now able to better take care of the customer that only wants two, three or four windows and does not want to wait for the next container to arrive,” Severin notes.

Eurocraft focuses on geographies prone to hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, and has completed projects through its dealer network in New England, the Carolinas, along the Gulf Coast and into Puerto Rico. The German-designed system is said to offer good test results and water tightness. “We believe with the changing codes in Florida and other states, along with the environmental advantages of the uPVC product that the tilt and turn system will gain market share in the U.S.,” says Robert Mitteregger, VP of manufacturing.

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